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Internet & Wireless Network Installation


Wardriving Ė the act of driving around in a vehicle with a laptop scanning for unsecured or easily defeated wireless encryption in order to gain free internet access or illegal access to confidential data - This is why it is vitally important to have wireless security.


H and W Computers can supply and install your wireless equipment to combine security along with ease of use or we can reconfigure your existing equipment this includes

 PCís *

 Laptopís *

 Wireless Printers

 Nintendo Wii

 Nintendo DS

 Sony Playstation 3

 Sony PSPís


*may require an additional wireless adapters at additional charges


 Apple iPhoneís, iPodís & iPadís

 Microsoft Xbox 360ís*

 Wireless enabled Televisionsís

 DVD & Blu-ray players

 And many more please contact for further information.